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Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control

A selection of products to deal with a range of Garden Pests.

Moles are at the best of times difficult to deal with. Bob appears on "Guinness in the Garden" showing how to place the Duffus (Tunnel) mole trap and discussing with Bunny Guinness the difficulties involved, however, follow this advice and you should have success.
We offer 2 methods to the public, traps, and sound/vibration deterrent.

Traps are widely used by professionals and to ensure the best results WEAR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING TRAPS, we supply them with our traps! Use more than one trap. Cover the traps in soil when you receive them and leave for 3 days, this should give the traps a ground scent. Ensure no light enters the tunnel after the trap is set in the tunnel. Check traps twice per day.

Sound/vibration deterrent involves inserting the Mole Chaser/Repeller into the ground, this emits vibrations which moles do not like. This sytem is good when it works but we have to say it only works for 1 in 2 people.