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Common Household Pests A-Z Pest List

Common Household Pests A-Z Pest List

  • Ant Control Products
    Ant killers, black ant control, ant powder
    Ant traps, ant powders, ant gels and sprays for ant pest control

  • Bed Bug Control Products including Rentokil Professional Aerosol and our FANTASTIC NEW Pro-Active D+ spray.
    Bed bug killers and products to kill bed bugs
    Bed Bug Treatment Pest Control Kits and additional Bed Bug Killer products !

  • Carpet Beetle Control and carpet beetle pest control products
    Carpet Beetle and Woolly Bear Control Products

  • Flea Eradication Products.
    Cat flea and Dog flea control
    Cat Flea and Dog Flea pest control in the home is easy with these products.

  • A range of products for wardrobes and drawers to control Clothes Moth.

  • A range of products to deal with Case Bearing/Carpet moth in Carpets/Rugs

  • Cockroach traps and sprays, cockroach and roach pest control products.
    Products to control cockroaches, oriental and german varieties.

  • House Dust Mite Solutions.
    Dust Mite pest control products.
    Dust mite control and hypoallergenic bedding for dust mite problems.

  • Control products for all kinds of flies, flying insect control.
    For electric fly killers Click here
    Other Fly Pest Control Products are here.

  • Food Moth & Beetle Control stored food pest control products
    A range of insecticides and pheromone traps to control food product beetle and moth.

  • Mole Control Traps / deterrents / products
    Traps and electronic devices for mole pest control.

  • Mosquito & Midge Control Products
    Electronic and chemical Mosquito pest control products.

  • Rat & Mouse Control packs, rat poisons, rat traps, rat deterrents and rat deodorants.
    Rodent control products.

  • Silverfish / Bristletail Control.
    Silverfish control products
    A range of products selected for efficiency at controlling silverfish pests.

  • Spider Killers & Traps, spider control products.
    Products to control spiders around the home.

  • Grey Squirrel Control using squirrel control traps.
    Traps for the control of troublesome Squirrels

  • Wasp Control Products, wasp killer dust, wasps nest killer.
    Wasp Killer Powder, wasp & hornet pest deterrents.

  • Products to Control Woodlice, woodlice control products.
    Woodlice pest control products in powder and liquid formats

  • Wood Boring Insect Control, woodworm pest control products
    Products for DIY woodworm control in furniture and structure

Common Household Pests A-Z Pest List

Solutions to virtually all common household pests found in the home.

It can be distressing when you discover that you have an infestation in your home, and knowing how to deal with the problem can be tricky. But with quick action and the right pest control products, dealing with an influx of insects or parasites doesn't have to be too difficult.
As experts in dealing with all manner of unwanted creatures, Pest Control Direct can help you find suitable DIY pest control products to help you eradicate the problem in your home quickly, effectively and affordably.

An introduction to common household pests

There are many different types of insects and parasites that can infest your home, and being able to recognise the problems is the first step towards successful pest control.
A parasite that feeds on human blood, bed bugs are known for living in furniture - particularly beds, as well as sofas and upholstered armchairs. They are most active at night, feeding while people are asleep, and they can cause rashes and allergic reactions, as well as psychological effects.


Are one of the most common household pests, cockroaches usually live off human food and pet food, and often leave unpleasant odours. They can carry microbes on the surface of their bodies, and these can be dangerous to people. The insects can also be linked to allergic reactions in humans, and some are associated with asthma.


Are well known for invading homes looking for food and moisture, and eliminating them can be tricky, as they can quickly adapt to change. In fact, many treatments are about temporary controlling the pests, rather than getting rid of them completely.


Are usually found in homes with pets, and most species of flea prefer to live off of a particular type of host - dogs, cats, rats and humans, for example. They do, however, cross over to feed on other species sometimes and their bites can lead to skin irritations, itchiness and rashes. Some fleas may also carry diseases, bacteria and other parasites.

Are pests that can cause a variety of problems, depending largely on what they feed on - fruit, grains or fabrics for example. There are thought to be more than 150,000 species of moth worldwide.

DIY pest control

Whether you're dealing with an infestation of one of the creatures listed above, or any of the other common household pests like silverfish, carpet beetles and woodworms, Pest Control Direct can help you eradicate the problem quickly and effectively.
In most cases - such as wasp, flea and
bed bug treatments and cockroach killers - pest control will involve some chemical that kills the insect or parasite. These are usually delivered in spray form or with a fogger.
Woodlice killers and woodworm treatments may involve wood treatments that deter the creatures from laying eggs and burrowing through the wood.
moth killers can include sticky strips that attract the insects with scents, along with clothing fumers and various deterrents.

Get effective solutions from Pest Control Direct

Whatever type of unwanted creature you have found in your home, if you need help clearing away an infestation, Pest Control Direct can help.
In addition to our various solutions for insects and parasites, our range of products also includes rodent solutions - such as mole deterrents, rat poisons/traps and mouse poisons/traps, as well as bird deterrent solutions.
Ordering online is simple with our secure website, and we'll get your products shipped off as quickly as possible, and if you need any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team on 01323 846845.