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How To Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Preparation

Bed bugs are difficult to control, even for the seasoned professional pest controller, so take note please.

The essential to obtain good control of biting bed bugs, is good preparation.

We are going to assume the bed bugs are in fact in a bedroom, therefore, the bugs target for food is going to be the human resting in the bed. Bed bugs only food, blood, is usually imbibed from a sleeping person in the middle of the night.

Bed Bugs like to be as near to the food source as possible and will usually be found within one metre of the bed in all but the most serious infestations. Be aware that bed bugs may sometimes wander to another room in search of a food source, so carefully check ALL bedrooms. Please also consider if the bed bugs may be in a chair or sofa that is in the room and apply the same one metre rule to that item.

Firstly, strip ALL the bedding from the bed, place in a bin liner, seal, and take to the washing machine ready for hot laundering. Remove and clean any soft toys

Carefully and thoroughly vacuum the bed mattress and bed frame.

Secondly, gather all your pest control products and pest control equipment, in the room ready for use (including tools for dismantling the bed).

Ensure that you have a knockdown aerosol such as Rentokil Insectrol Professional 400ml to hand for instant kill of Bed Bugs exposed during your investigation.

Don any protective clothing that you are going to use, particularly gloves.

Dismantle the bed completely, using the aerosol to kill any bed bugs discovered during this process.

If there is a bedside cabinet, dismantle that too. Place all the contents to one side away from the treatment area.

If there is a wardrobe or chest of drawers close to the bed, then empty that, remove drawers (the ones in the cabinet LOL !!) and search for evidence of bed bug activity, using the aerosol to kill any disturbed bed bugs.

Please check the whole room for bed bug activity as, although bed bugs usually tend to congregate around the bed, it is not a written rule and you may find them on another part of the room. Treat wherever you find them of course.


Bed Bug Treatment

There are a wide range of pesticides on the market for killing bed bugs, however, some are more effective than others, some work more rapidly than others and some are natural products that present no risk to humans.

Suitable products for bed bug control can be found in our Bed Bug Packs, here is a link to our Pest Control Direct Bed Bug Treatment Pack 2 which is the most popular pack size for treament of bed bugs.

Having got the room ready for your treatment, we suggest you carry out a fog treatment of the whole room, in our Bed Bug Control pack you will find the Insecto Pro Formula, which is an auto release aerosol. Place one of these in the centre of the room, ensure windows are closed and any open fireplace is covered so that the fog does not just disappear up the chimney. Trigger the aerosol and leave the room, close the door and leave for two hours before re-entering. On re-entry, open the windows and leave the door open if you can still smell the product. Leave the room again for ten minutes, it should then be safe to carry on your Bed Bug treatment.

Now you need to apply insecticide to the mattress, bed base and all associated bed parts. This is normally best done using a liquid insecticidal spray, do not saturate, only a fairly light spray application is needed. Check the seams of the mattress and under any buttons where a slightly more heavy spray application should be made. Again, being thorough reaps results, if the bed has mattress support slats, remove them before spraying as bed bugs often live under and around these slats.

If you have a divan base with drawers, then you must remove the drawers, check carefully for evidence of bed bugs. Treating inside a bed base is very difficult for the amatuer and for this we would suggest you use the Pro-Active Dust and puff this around inside the bed base where you have removed the drawers. You could alternatively use the Rentokil Insectrol Professional Aerosol spray to kill bed bugs. If there are no drawers, then ensure you have sprayed the bed base completely with Pro-Active D spray to kill bed bugs.

This may be a good time to vacuum the floor as you are going to spray the floor under and around the bed and you must clear any dust and debris that has fallen from the bed in the stripping down and cleaning process. Once you have cleaned the floor, take the vacuum out to the bin and either remove and destroy the bag or empty the dust container and check that no bed bugs are left inside before returning the vacuum to the house.

Back to the bedroom.

Now you need to think about what else needs treating. The bedside cabinet should be sprayed as you sprayed the bed, ensure you turn it upside down and spray underneath!

Beware of clock radios and other items that you have on your bedside cabinet. These could harbour Bed Bugs and a light dusting of Pro-Active Dust into the item should deter the bugs.

If the wardrobe/s is near to the bed, then this may also be harbouring Bed Bugs, check very carefully and spray it if you are unsure. If it is large and not easily moveable, then, pull it away from the wall, usually there is a gap at the back where you can use Pro-Active Dust to get some control under the wardrobe by puffing through from the back at the base.

Check any other furniture near the bed and treat as required.

Before re-assembling the bed, spray the whole foor area, extending one metre beyond where the bed is normally located. Lightly spray the wall behind where the bed would sit. If there is a wall mounted headboard, this MUST be removed and treated plus treat the wall behind it.

Spray at least one metre up the wall from skirting level and include the skirting in your spray application. Before relocating the bed, allow the spray to dry then apply Pro-Active Dust along the edge of the floor and the base of the skirting board, making sure you try to get some to go under the skirting.

Now place the furniture and bed back in position.

It is important that somebody now uses this room as, any bed bugs that are hiding deep in the structure will not come out to feed unless there is somebody sleeping in the bed, therefore, they are unlikely to come into contact with the chemicals that have been applied.

What to Buy for Bed Bug Control

As mentioned above, there are a wide range of bed bug control products available

Pro-Active D+ 1 litre Trigger Spray

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A handy sized trigger spray of ready to use Pro-Active D Bed Bug Killer Spray.

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A 5 litre container of Pro-Active D Bed Bug Killer Spray for large area bed bug control

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Pro-Active (Diatomaceous Earth) 350gm

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A natural non-toxic Bed Bug Killing Powder in a puffer pack.

Pro-Active Dust (Diatomaceous Earth) 400gm

Rentokil Insectrol Professional Aerosol 400ml

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Rentokil Insectrol Professional is a quick knockdown and residual product.

Rentokil Insectrol Professional Aerosol 400ml

Bed Bug Control Pack 1 (single room)

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