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  • Mutli flap MF1 rat barrier Mutli flap MF1 rat barrier
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Multi-Flap MF1 Rat Barrier Device for TOILETS (rear outlet)

Quick Overview

Non-return valve for the toilet
£21.96 Incl. VAT
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  • Stops rats entering
  • Reduces water usage!
  • Simple to fit

This UNIT Is for D.I.Y. fitting to the rear of the toilet, not inside the drains, for inside the drains you need the MF3 (in related products)
How does it work?
The MultiFlap is a one-way non-return valve that fits easily to the waste pipe of your toilet. This means waste still goes down the waste pipe as usual when you flush, but immediately after the flap closes to prevent anything nasty coming up the wrong way. The prevention method and the ease with which the MultiFlap can be installed makes these products truly unique.
How can vermin get into my toilet?
Many pests and vermin are adept swimmers - rats alone can swim 1000m in open water, and tread water for three days. Damaged or unmaintained storm drains and sewer pipes easily allow vermin access into the main drainage systems. From here they can enter your home by travelling through sewers, up pipes and swimming through the water contained in your toilet system. The MultiFlap ensures you’re protected by keeping them in the sewers where the authorities can deal with them.
How does the flap reduce water usage?
By fitting the MF-1 device you can at least half the water consumption used to flush the toilet, a simple tweak to the ball valve in the toilet will reduce your water usage by a minimum of 50% which when you add up all the litres flushed per year is not only a big saving on the planet but a big financial saving on your water bill!!
When fitting the MF-1 to the back of a toilet it creates a physical barrier against the flush similar to waves hitting a wall. The water travels back into the sea which is why we get all the bubbles and foam around the shore line, the MF-1 does the same. When the toilet is flushed, the subsequent “blow back” sucks the air from the bowl. This what gives the MF-1 its ability to clean more waste but at the same time needless water recycling.

We have a simple fitting instructions under datasheet tab above.

Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (4 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
11-Dec-2017 Product:

Fitted it approx. 2/3 weeks ago and haven't had a callback since. A great unit, thank you for the feedback.
10-Oct-2017 Product:

Great product but couldn't fit it to my pipes - i was very disappointed but pest control refunded me my money without any hassle
01-Feb-2017 Product:

Very impressed and solved our problems.
09-Nov-2014 Product:

simple idea though surprisingly expensive
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