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Rat Poison & Rodenticide

Rat Poison & Rodenticide

Rat Poison & Rodenticide

Rodent control is something that most people can manage to do themselves. In most cases, rat and mouse poisons sold to the public are essentially the same strength as the rodenticides the pest control professionals use!

A range of pest control rodenticides for rat control and mouse control. There are rat traps, mouse traps, mole traps and other rodent control products to effect good vermin eradication. Rats and Mice are going to present some serious pest control problems in the future due to new waste disposal measure that see waste food either being composted or left uncollected for longer than ever before.

Another trend that is appearing is sub decking infestations of both rats and mice, these are pests finding cover under popular decking structures. In creating ourselves a pleasant deck we provide the perfect safe environment for vermin, rats, mice and insects! At least you can fairly safely use rat poison and mouse poison under decking.