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Rodent Detect and Disinfect Kit

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For Rats and Mice
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We have put this pack together to help our customers detect mouse and rat urine using our UV torch to locate the urine, then treat areas contaminated with the Rodent Clear disinfectant.

Whilst invisible in normal light, urine stains on food bags, containers, floors etc is more noticeable under UV. The fresher the stain, the more the light will fluoresce. Rodents urinate in motion so you will see their paths are visible under the torch light in droplet patterns or trails. Also, rodents have oily hairs that will show blue-white smudges under the torch. Fresh urine will fluoresce bluish-white, whereas dry urine will show in a more yellow-white tone, which dulls with age. The pattern is important - a large area with splashing at the sides is probably not from a rodent (some cleaning products, bleaches and adhesives also fluoresce) - as rodents urinate on the move, look for drops that become smaller in a run line. This torch will be most effective at night, or in darkness and will need to be used close to the surface (15 - 25cm) to work properly. Includes 3 x AAA batteries.

Germ Clear is a high quality disinfectant that will kill all germs and bacteria associated with rodent activity. Spray onto kitchen worktops, cupboard tops, table tops and anywhere that rats or mice are known to be active, particularly close to where food may be prepared. Leave in place for one minute then wipe away. Mice are generally incontinent and urinate continually, therefore the use of Rodent Germ Clear can give good protection from any germs carried and deposited by rodents wandering around in your property. You will need to apply daily whilst there is still evidence of rodent activity at your property.

Active against: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Entercococcus hirae and MRSA. This product complies with BS EN 13697 againts the stated micro-organisms when used neat with a contact time of 1 minute.

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