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  • STV mouse glue traps pack of 48 STV mouse glue traps pack of 48

STV Big Cheese Mouse Glue Traps (48)

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Economy boards
£49.20 Incl. VAT
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  • Economy bulk buy
  • Bait available to enhance attraction
  • A good way to catch Rats/Mice if poison isnt an option

Box of 48 Mouse Big Cheese Glue Traps.
Place traps at 2-3 metre intervals around wall bases and under machinery, washing machines, fridges and behind kitchen cupboards. These traps can be folded into a box shape to improve attraction to the mice.
Further performance enhancement can be achieved by adding some chocolate pieces, cheese, nut or peanut butter to the centre of the glue area.
Additionally, there is a Mouse Trap Bait available below.
Size: 22cm x 13.5cm
Please ensure you read and adhere to the following:
1) Option of last resort - All other options for rodent control must be considered before glue boards are used.
2) Check boards frequently - Where rodent boards are used these must be inspected at appropriate intervals. This should be within 12 hours of placing, or at least as soon as is reasonably practicable, including weekends and bank holidays.
3) Protect non-target species - Boards must be placed in such a manner that they do not present a risk to non-target species.
5) Use the correct size board for the pest species - The size of the board must be appropriate for the target species.
6) Dispatch of trapped rodents humanely - Rodents trapped on rodent boards must be dispatched quickly and humanely. Placing the glue board in a clear plastic bag and dealing the rodent a sharp blow to the head with a blunt instrument would be an appropriate mode of dispatch. Drowning is NOT acceptable.
7) Remove boards at the end of the treatment - At the end of the treatment all rodent boards must be accounted for, and removed.
Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, any animal becomes a 'protected animal' when it is 'under the control of man whether on a permanent or temporary basis'. Therefore an animal in such a trap is a protected animal, and if it suffers unnecessarily as a result of poor practice in the use of the trap, or through a failure to release or kill the animal in an appropriate manner, then an offence of causing unnecessary suffering under section 4 of the Act may have been commited.

Feefo Reviews - Average 85% (13 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
10-Oct-2016 Product:

01-Jun-2016 Product:

08-May-2016 Product:

The traps have caught nothing so far except mouse fur and pooh. Glue isn't strong enough.
24-Jul-2015 Product:

09-Jun-2015 Product:

Very effective, just make sure you check them regularly
29-Apr-2015 Product:

13-Feb-2015 Product:

the only mouse traps that actually work. and these are more humane than poison (2 weeks to die) or so called humane traps (releasing them 'unharmed' a mile or so away means starving to death)
12-Jan-2015 Product:

07-May-2014 Product:

Works at catching mice.
13-Mar-2014 Product:

Good quality.
01-Mar-2012 Product:

We have put them down as instructed and have not caught any mice as of yet.
07-Aug-2011 Product:

Caught a total of 6 mice in 2 days and no sign of any since.
20-Mar-2011 Product:

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