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  • wasp go go 4 metre wasp nest kit wasp go go 4 metre wasp nest kit

Wasp Go Go Professional 4 metre reach

Quick Overview

£166.20 Incl. VAT
£166.20 Incl. VAT
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  • High Reach Wasp Killer
  • Spare Activation Pump
  • Ideal For Eradicating Wasps Nests

This is the top of range Wasp Go Go Duster. Reaches up to 4 metres for rapid and very controlled application of wasp nest killer powders.
Essentially, this is the Wasp Go Go 3 metre unit but with a 1 and 4 metre lance with some added extras that will allow you to treat wasps nests from a comfortable distance.
It can even be used at a shorter distance than 1 mtr using the extension kit.

Contents :
1 x 1m Pole
1 x 3m Pole
1 x 4m Pole
2 x 12 Wads
2 x Manual Air Pumps
1 x 6 Pre-loaded Capsules YELLOW (3m & 4m poles)
1 x 3 Pre-loaded Capsules GREEN (1m pole)
Extension Kit (gun connector plus mini extentions)
2 x Swan Necks (for directional dust application)
2 x Filling Trays
Brush and Scraper
Mask, Gloves 

Rentokil Wasp Powder is available above to re-fill capsules, if required.

Can be used at 1, 3 and 4 metres, you can easily either stand closer or further away to adjust height reached.
This new British designed wasp killer kit contains all you need to deal efficiently with most wasps nests.
Kit contains a high specification good quality duster together with a very effective wasp killing insect dust in 6 cartridges ready to use, plus cartridges can be re-filled..
Wasp Go Go breaks new ground in dust application methods. The wasp killer dust is contained within a small capsule and the end of the lance and only enough dust that is required 7gms to eradicate the average wasps nest. is in the capsule.
The pressure chamber is charged by pumping (around ten pumps) then carefully direct the lance/capsule to the entrance hole that the wasps are using and pull the trigger. Couldn't be simpler because there is no pumping required when despatching the wasp killer powder, which makes directing the powder very easy.
You may need to retreat after 24 hours if wasp activity persists.
If you have any questions or want advice for your wasp infestation, please don't hesitate to call us. We're happy to help and aim to solve your problem as best we can. Phone number is at the top of the page.

Feefo Reviews - Average 92% (13 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
29-Jun-2018 Product:

I've already said why I gave them 5 stars !!! Pleased to hear you are happy with your product.
15-Dec-2017 Product:

Easy to use and reasonably robust.
16-Aug-2016 Product:

Performs exactly as expected. The only issue is that the foam 'bungs' needed to seal the cartridges are not readily available. However I discovered that foam earplugs, cut to appropriate length, make an inexpensive substitute.

Overall, very happy
Haha, great pice of info there, thank you.
29-Jul-2016 Product:

The powder cartridges supplied fit the 1 mtr pole and the three mtr pole but not the 4 metre pole. I reported this and was told that the ones at their depot did fit. I had a choice; either send the kit back or bodge it up to fit. I really needed to get rid of the wasps so I decided to bodge it... Read More. Hi, We are a little concerned to hear this. We do not recall this conversation here, did we put in you contact with the manufacturer ? We certainly would not accept you do a bodge job, we would do all we can to help, this just isnt good enough. I have a feeling you didnt speak to our office ?
18-May-2016 Product:

Did the job with ease
18-Sep-2015 Product:

Worked first time on a well-established wasp's nest under our eaves. Easy to use - I was able to stand on the ground well away from the nest and still deliver the shot of powder very accurately into the entry point. Good value for money. I break even when I kill my second nest (compared to bringing in... Read More.
28-Aug-2015 Product:

cant quite see why one long extending pole would not have sufficed
31-Jul-2014 Product:

23-Jul-2014 Product:

excellent simple kit easy to use did the job in no time
05-Aug-2013 Product:

Does the job.
26-Jul-2013 Product:

Love it, I'm on the ground and the wasps are under the eaves of a house, it's a total no brainer to but this.
23-Jul-2013 Product:

Have tried only on 2 nests and it has done the job well!
12-Jul-2013 Product:

Product works well and contains everything needed. The 4 metre reach is essential for getting to upstairs soffits. Plenty of powder and small sponge wads supplied.
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