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Gemma Gemma

With Pest Control Direct for 10 years. Is totally devoted to solving your pest control problems. More...

Sheryl Sheryl

Bob's daughter, a BPCA trained pest technician, qualified to give sound practical advice. More...

Bob Bob

Involved in pest control most of his life and is very proud to present you this online experience ! More...

Jayne Jayne

Jayne our warehouse manager and packer extraordinaire ! More...

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Rat and Mouse Control

Pest Control Direct UK main rodent control and vermin control products section.

Pest control products to eradicate rats, mice, moles and squirrels. rat poisons, mouse poisons, pest traps and electronic pest control products.

Household Pests

Pest Control Products for ants, bedbugs, moth, fleas, cockroaches, dust mite, flies, wasps, woodlice, silverfish, woodworm, etc.

We have probably the most comprehensive range of pest control products and pest prevention supplies to be found on any UK pest control website.

Garden Pests

Pest Control products for cats, dogs, rabbits, foxes, and moles (please look in rodents & vertebrates section for rodenticides)

Suppliers of repellents, pest traps, electronic scarers, rodenticides and garden pest deterrents.

Electronic Pest Control

Electronic Pest Repellers and products for humane control of indoor and outdoor pests

Pest Repellers - Pest Control Ultrasonics - Electro-magnetics - Electrocution Products!

Electronic pest control innovation will develop many new pest control methods.

Bird Control Products

Bird Pest Control Products including bird spikes, netting and bird netting.

Pigeon control, seagull control, sparrows and starlings. Pigeon spikes, gull spikes, bird netting bird net fixings and free bird net fitting advice and guidance,

Poultry Care Products

A range of specialist products for control of pests that attack and disturb chickens and other poultry.Not only poultry keepers pest control products but also anti-virus and soon a few chicken/hen houses!

Poultry mite are a major cause of problems with egg production and general poultry health.

Fly Control Products

Electronic Fly Killers, Fly Control Products, Fly Traps and Fly Screens for fly control

Deterrents for flies, flying insect pest control products to control house flies, blow flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, midges, cluster flies and wasps.

Cockroach Control Products

Cockroach control product supplies for the home and business user.

Cockroach pest control products, for German and Oriental cockroaches, roach traps, cockroach killer powders, cockroach control gel baits and dusts.

Green Pest Control Products

A selection of pest control products considered "green"

A range of environmentally friendly products for green pest control.

In the USA, green pest control products are in high demand and the UK is likely to follow.


Rat and Mouse Control Poisons, cereal, paste, blocks, etc.

A range of rodenticide products, rat poison and mouse poison for rodent and vermin pest control. Rodent and Vermin control products and most are at the same strength used by professional pest controllers in the UK.

Equiment & Clothing

Sprayers and protective clothing for the amateur pest controller

Pest Control Equipment and protective clothing for the amatuer pest controller.

Wasp Killer Products

Products and equipment to eradicate and destroy wasps and wasp nests, including high reach dusters and protective beekeepers suits.

Woodworm - Dry Rot - Rising Damp

Woodworm Pest Control, Dry Rot Control, and damproofing products for the home

A range of woodworm, dry rot and damp control products along with pest control products to apply to wood boring beetle attacked timbers and for common furniture beetle control.

Air Fresheners

Fragrance units for home or office to freshen the air

Neutralle Air Freshener Aerosol Dispensers and replacement air freshener aerosols.
Over 100,000 people have chosen Pest Control Direct UK to solve their pest control problems, for which we provided innovative pest control products or conventional pest control supplies, from protective clothing to the latest humane electronic pest control systems on the market.

Our expert staff are always on hand to give the best professional pest control product advice to help you solve your specific rodent, insect or bird pest problems 9am-5pm Monday - Thursday (4:30pm Friday)

You will find unsolicited FEEFO feedback on our UK Pest Control website so that you can see honest reports on our pest control products, you can then make an informed buying decision based on the pest control experiences of 1,000's of our customers.

Whether indoor pests or outdoor pests, ants to gulls you can trust us to help you find a resoluton or pest control product to eradicate your pest problems.

Several times we have been mentioned in The Lady and Good Housekeeping magazines.