Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pest Control Direct Ltd is a responsible internet trader with proven privacy history, having been established since 2000.

The person within the Company with responsibility for Data Protection is Sheryl Cooper.

We are now in an advanced stage of complying with the new GDPR General Data Protection Regulations.

We do not use any customer’s information for any other purpose than to fulfil their requests for products or services from our company.

We do not forward any customer details to any third party other than our couriers, DPD limited, who receive these details in order to efficiently deliver ordered goods.

Any printouts of sensitive customer information are securely shredded every 6-8 months depending on throughput.

We do not send random marketing emails, other than to our customers that have agreed for us to communicate with them in such a manner.

Our website uses “cookies” in order to effect a seamless order process and for any re-order requirements.

All computers connected to the internet are protected by  ESET Anti-Virus software.

If we hold your personal data, the subject of that data can request immediate removal of the data by using this link to do so