Lureking Bed Bug Monitor (Pack of 5)

Lureking Bed Bug Monitor (Pack of 5)

£8.40 Including VAT

Discreet & effective method for trapping and monitoring a bed bug infestation.


Easy to Use
Discreet & Effective.
Pesticide & Insecticide Free.
Capable of trapping all the bedbugs developmental stages
Table on the back for recording ‘Placement Date’ etc.

The Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Trap is effective for trapping bed bugs through developmental stages from nymphs to adult bed bugs. The trap is an designed to be a tool for assessing the severity of bed bug infestation and can be used to monitor even low levels of bed bug infestations, either before or after treatment commences – they should not be used as a sole form of control

No lure required as it is already included in the glue. The rough exterior allows bugs to climb easily into trap. Shiny surface on the inside prevents them from escaping. These traps are highly effective for detecting any infestation.

These traps are effective up to approx. 2 metres and will take between one night to a week to attract the beg bugs.




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