TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test

TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test

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Professional Use only

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  • Science-based results: Detects even low-level infestations with over 90% accuracy
  • Rapid results: On-site test results are ready in five minutes
  • Easy to use: Instructions are simple, and minimal training is needed to utilize the test
  • Discreet packaging: So it won’t cause concern
  • 1 box has 5 tests inside

TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test is a revolutionary new bed bug detection device that helps pest management professionals identify even low-level infestations. It’s the most accurate bed bug detector available.

Best Practices:

Possible use before treatment and then 90 days after the end of treatment.

Test in bedbug living areas, in places identified during the diagnostic phase where bedbugs are likely to feed, (i.e. where occupants sleep for more than 30 minutes).

Application Rate & Delivery:

This brand new bed bug detection device will quickly and accurately determines if bed bugs are present on any surface and in any environment.

The bed bug detection device is comprised of two components:

  1. Collection swab
  2. Reader

The test is a simple lateral flow strip and works exactly like a COVID-19 self-test

It is a one-time use test and has a 92% accuracy rate

The test takes approx. 6 minutes


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