Flymax ULV 1 Litre

Flymax ULV 1 Litre

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ULV fogging application

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Flymax® ULV provides rapid insect knockdown against flies, moths an crawling insects. Flymax® ULV is a cellulose formulation combined within a water-solvent based delivery system. An ideal flying and crawling insect adulticide against insecticide resistant insect strains having the added benefit of being insecticide free with no residual activity and no maximum treatment frequency. Flymax® ULV is for professional use in lofts, homes, agricultural buildings in and around domestic properties, public and municipal areas, refuse tips, poultry houses, slaughterhouses and manure heaps. Flymax ULV does not contain traditional insecticides that affect the nervous system and therefore the product does not contribute to the building of insect resistance.

Flymax ULV can be used indoors and outdoors and due to the physical mode of action by immobilisation, the product rapidly immobilises insects, thereby giving quick knockdown.

Directions for use: Flymax® ULV is ready-to-use application. Shake bottle before removing cap from bottle. Pour sufficient volume into the ULV fogger chamber and apply the dose according to the recommended application rate. Reduce air movement in area by closing doors, windows and ventilators and turning off air conditioning. Refer to the Flymax® ULV material safety data sheet for hazard and precautionary information before use. Flymax® ULV is recommended to be used with a ULV Fogger or ULV mini fogger with mean particle size of 20 micron droplets. Direct fog upwards and directly at insects in the area to be treated. Repeat treatment as necessary to maintain control.

Flymax® ULV is a non-biocidal product due to its physical mode of action and is exempt from EU Reg: 528/212.

Size: 1 x 1 Litre


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