Top Wasp Nest Destroying Tips

Top Wasp Nest Destroying Tips

If you’ve got a bit of an issue with wasps this summer, then you have come to the right place to find tips on how to stay safe from wasps and their nests. Not only this, but we also stock a range of wasp nest killer products to help you on your way.

Did you know that a single wasp nest could contain up to 4,000 working wasps?

In the summer months, wasps can prove troublesome and even dangerous so we’ve devised some top tips for keeping yourself safe this wasp season.

To help you be on your way to a wasp-free home and summer, read on to find out how to deal with these pesky creatures.

Locate the nest

If you are noticing a lot of wasps around you, it might be because there’s a nest nearby. These can pop up in a variety of different locations. They can enter homes through eaves and through gaps in tiles and brick walls so check for nests in the eaves, roof voids, air vents, garages or garden sheds.

Wasp nests can also be located in the ground or in bushes, shrubs and trees. When you have located the nest, we can figure out how to tackle the problem. For in-depth instructions on each of these locations, check out our how-to guide on wasps.


Wear protective clothing

When dealing with wasp nests, you should always wear protective clothing. When agitated, wasps will sting, they can do this multiple times, unlike the bee. Wasps will instinctively attack anyone that ventures too near to their nest. When danger appears, a number of wasps will emerge.

If you are allergic to wasp stings, it is even more important to protect yourself. The anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting can result in a serious and potentially fatal swelling.


Use recommended wasp killing products

Here at Pest Control Direct, we provide the best wasp killer products to get the job done and rid you of those pesky wasps as soon as possible.

Our first choice is always to use an insecticidal powder or dust to destroy a nest. We suggest RENTOKIL WASP KILLER POWDER 300gm for the amateur user.

The Rentokil Wasp Killer Powder will probably be all you need, however, if a nest is particularly difficult to reach, you may need a duster to apply the dust. We have a range of these available but the correct one will depend on where exactly the nest is. To find the right duster for you, read our how-to guide.

If in doubt, call a wasp professional

If you’re unable to tackle the wasp nest on your own, there is always someone who can. Visit our find a pest controller page for a professional who can visit your home or workplace. If you need any extra advice on wasp nest removal, then do give us a buzz!

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