How to Proof against Birds

How to Proof against Birds

At Pest Control Direct we stock a full range a bird deterrents, proofing and control products.

Our guide points out the 4 most popular ways to get rid of your birds using deterrents to deter all types of bird from a Sparrow to a Seagull.

  • Birds nesting and roosting on your building can be noisy, unsightly and smell unpleasant.
  • Bird droppings contain bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious illness. Not only that, the pigeon droppings can cause damage to structure or a building due to its acidic content.
  • Birds nests may contain, fleas, beetles and mites which find their way into the building.

Proofing against birds is easier than removing the mess and debris made by birds, it’s against the law to disturb eggs, nests or their young so this can only be done once the breeding season is over. Pigeons breed all year-round.

Bird Proofing Options below:

How to control birds with Bird Netting

Bird Netting is one of the most popular methods used to protect buildings against all birds.  The mesh can run horizontally or vertically, the netting is almost invisible if installed correctly.

  • Bird netting is humane and will not hurt the birds, its a deterrent so they move on elsewhere.
  • Netting is very versatile for proofing a variety of structures.

Bird Netting fixings are available, we supply a range of fixings for all your installation of netting requirements. We also have net kits available with comprehensive advice sheets for installation guidance in 5m x 5m, 10m x 5m and 10m x 10m

Our nets are available in 75mm for Seagulls , 50mm for Pigeons and 19mm for small birds.

Our stock nets are black but we can offer stone or white on request.

How to control birds with Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are an anti-perch device to stop birds landing on surfaces such as ridge tiles, ledges, windowsills, gutters, pipes, signs etc.

Spikes tend to be installed using an adhesive or they can be nailed or screwed.

Two types are offered: 2 point for a narrow ledge, 4 point for a wider ledge

Polycarbonate base and Polycarbonate spikes in two point or 4 point

Polycarbonate base with a Stainless Steel spike in two point and 4 point.

Both are equal in effectiveness although the Stainless Steel tend to be a little more discreet.

Seagull Spikes are taller than pigeon spikes due to gulls having longer legs, they will protect both seagulls and pigeons but pigeon spikes will not protect against seagulls.

Our spikes are priced per Mtr – 1 mtr will come in 3 pieces of 33cm strips.

How to control birds with Visual Bird Scarers

Visual scarers can be a a great way to get rid of pigeons and seagulls in certain situations.

  • Placed around the edges of flat roofs, signs, ledges, parapit walls etc.
  • Non-Toxic Bird Free is a low profile, discreet option to deter birds from roosting or nesting on structures and buildings.
  • The dishes are invisible from ground level, thus preserving aesthetic appearance
  • Left undisturbed the gel remains completely effective for at least 2 years, even in the most exposed and polluted environment, without maintenance.

One of the distinct advantages is that it deters birds from landing, by creating a glow similar to shimmering fire whilst emitting a pungent odour which together cause an aversion response in birds.  The cost will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated.

For an effective installation, all surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly and free from faecal matter and nesting materials. Suitable adhesive and cleaning solutions are available.

How to get rid of birds from under Solar Panels

Solar panel bird proofing products to stop birds entering to nest underneath solar panels. Various options we offer are mesh with fixings or Solar guard system with adjustable pins. Each system is easy to fit, it depends on which look you prefer and of course cost.

We have varied ‘kits’ available along with 30m rolls of mesh in PVC or Galvanised. These can be fixed by using Solar Panel Clips

Our mesh ‘kits’ comprise of PVC mesh with clips or Galv mesh with stick on posts

Easy to fit 25m Solar Guard system, which requires an adhesive to fix to the side of the panels. You can also add extra pieces of Solar Guard.

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